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Quality Air Cleaners For Cold Heading

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Smoke Filters & Mist collectors for Cold Heading

Air Quality Engineering has extensive experience with manufacturing air filtration systems and applying Air Quality Engineering air cleaners for cold heading. The heavy mist and smoke generated from the cold heading process is ideally handled by electrostatic precipitators, which use permanent, washable electronic filters to charge (ionize) the smoke and mist particles and collect the mist particles on a series of charged collector fins. Electrostatic precipitators are commonly used as the mist collection and smoke filtration technology of choice for cold heading applications due to the lack of chips which can be problematic for electronic air cleaners. Recommended air filtration systems from AQE include our model F66 and F73 electrostatic mist collectors. These mist collector systems can be ducted to multiple stations, setup to ambiently clean an entire manufacturing facility or individually machine mounted.


  • F73A fume extraction system

    High Quality Industrial Air Cleaners: The F73A / F73B Fume Extraction Systems

    Self-contained large industrial electrostatic air cleaner. The largest electrostatic unit that includes a blower.

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F73 Electrostatic Air Cleaner

F73 Electrostatic Air Cleaner

F66 Electronic Mist Collector

F66 Electronic Mist Collector

What is Cold Heading?

Cold heading is a metal forging process which involves rapidly punching a blank into a die to form a desired shape without adding heat. Cold heading is most frequently used to produce fasteners such as bolts and screws.

Why do I need a filtration system?

This rapid cold forging service can generate heavy amounts of smoke. In addition, lubricant added to the process become airborne mist during the process. Without proper air filtration, this cloud of mist and smoke is a health hazard to employees, soils the facility, machines and finished products and can be disruptive to other services such as painting or plating. We also carry replacement parts for these air cleaners.

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