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Air Purifiers For Vaping, E-Cigs And Cloud Chasing

Help remove the cloud over your head with an E-Cig electronic air cleaner from AQE

cloud chasing with e-cigsOur popular e-cig solutions feature:

  • Patented AQE Advantage™ filter designed to capture large volumes of contaminant generated by vaping while minimizing filter maintenance.
  • Custom power pack that optimizes filtration efficiency.
  • Condensation drip tray captures condensing vapor droplets and provides easy disposal.
  • Ceiling mount or in-ceiling mounted solutions.

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Vaping Air Filtration System Info Sheet

Take a look below to learn more about our 2 most popular models. Use the form to the left to inquiry about pricing or to ask any questions.


  • Smokemaster C-12 commercial electrostatic air cleaner

    Smokemaster® C-12 E-Cig Smoke Air Cleaners

    Commercial electrostatic air cleaner, ideal for smoke and vapor/e-cigarette applications.

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  • X-11Q commercial electrostatic air cleaner, designed for false ceiling installation

    X-11Q E-Cig Smoke Air Cleaners

    Commercial electrostatic air cleaner, designed for false ceiling installation. Ideal for heavy odor applications including vaping and e-cigarette rooms.

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Smokemaster® C-12: From our Line of E-Cigarette Air Cleaners

SmokeMaster smoke air filtration system

The Smokemaster® C-12 delivers efficiency, savings, and minimal maintenance cost through:

  • Rugged steel construction for unit longevity.
  • Durable industrial-grade electronic cells.
  • Coanda Aerodynamic Principle’s unique 4-way method of air recirculation optimizes the manner in which air circulates within a room, thus maximizing the amount of dirty air cleaned.
  • Permanently washable electronic cells that are more environmentally friendly. The Smokemaster® C-12 air cleaner is THE air cleaning solution for e-cigarette smoke!

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Read the C-12 detailed spec sheet here.

X-11Q: From our Line of E-Cigarette Air Cleaners

X-11Q air filtration system

Superior performance and time tested design makes the Smokemaster® X-11Q an excellent choice for removing e-cigarette smoke from any environment. This model features the Coanda 4-way airflow pattern. Adjustable louvers allow airflow refinement.

  • Totally self-contained air cleaner
  • Ultimate ‘flush with ceiling’ mounted workhorse
  • Requires no filter replacement
  • Features industrial-rated electronic filtration cell

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Read the X-11Q detailed spec sheet here.

For a list of replacement parts for all our e-cig and vape smoke air cleaners, click here.

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