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Welding Fume Extractors: Portable, Overhead & Ambient

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Units to remove welding smoke and fumes from the air

Air Quality Engineering manufactures cutting-edge welding fume extractors. We realize that for businesses to succeed in today’s environment, safety is paramount. As industry leaders, we understand that your operations also require the utmost precision and productivity. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive lineup of welding fume extractors tailored to meet the exacting standards of your industrial environment. Our collection features portable, ambient and overhead extractors, each engineered to improve the well-being of your workforce while maintaining optimal workflow efficiency. As you continue your search for an air filtration solution, please contact us to speak to one of our technicians who will help guide you to the best air cleaner for your application.

Problem: New Appreciation of Health Hazards from Welding

Advances in welding technologies have been accompanied with a new appreciation of the health hazards associated with common welding processes such as SMAW (stick), FCAW (Flux core) and GMAW (MIG).

welding fume extractors in use

These hazards can present exposure concerns even when welding on common carbon steel. Recent research has identified problems with exposures to manganese, chromium, nickel and other potentially toxic metals in welding fume. OSHA has recently promulgated a new regulation focused on the carcinogen, hexavalent chromium (CrVI or Cr6+). These health hazards, along with the understandable reluctance on the part of welders to wearing a respirator under the welding hood, mean that better approaches to removing welding fumes from the welder’s breathing zone are required.

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M66 media air cleaner for welding

M66 Air Filtration Media System with 360 Degree Rotating Overhead Source Capture Arm

Solution: Practical Engineering Controls

Industrial fume extractors provide a wide range of options both in terms of air cleaning technology and welding safety equipment. We offer three industrial units that are suitable for welding fume extraction. Electrostatic air cleaners feature permanent collector cells which offer high filtration efficiency along with the advantages of eliminating ongoing filter replacement costs. Some applications are best served by conventional media filtration and we offer several options using this technology: inexpensive bag filters, extended service mini-pleated filters and, when required, HEPA filters. When long maintenance intervals at high fume loading are the driving factors, our reverse pulse cartridge systems are the answer in these high production applications. Each of these three air cleaning technologies (electrostatic, conventional media and cartridge) are available in portable, ambient (general background) or overhead ducted configurations. Portable fume extraction systems like the Porta Air are ideal for welders on the move. Ambient (sometimes referred to as general background) air cleaners work well for dispersed welding stations. Overhead ducted filtration systems provide the advantages of source capture while conserving expensive floor space. Also remember the importance of proper placement of the source capture arm to welding arc. This video shows you how effective our equipment is.

Please review our product information and work with our application professionals to identify the correct solution to meet your requirements in your welding or other industrial environment.

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