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New & Improved Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Purification Systems

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. is excited to announce the release of our new and improved commercial kitchen exhaust purification systems. Chief among the many improvements is the addition of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which is standard on AUTOCLEAN® and available as an option on Smokemaster® F72 models. We have also added an optional Human Machine Interface (HMI). The integration of these controllers has greatly simplified the installation and user experience. Below we will highlight some of the features and benefits of these exciting new additions.

Programmable Logic Controller Benefits

Programmable Logic Controller from Air Quality Engineering

The touch-screen PLC pictured above replaces the sequence controller in the prior-model AUTOCLEAN®. The PLC is factory pre-wired into the unit and eliminates the complicated field wiring from previous models.

The PLC has many user-controlled options such as:

  • Controlling the pollution control unit (PCU) Mode
  • Controlling the exhaust fan
  • Controlling and programming the wash sequence and duration

The PLC has 4 Inputs to simplify field integration for external accessories:

  1. Heat Sensor from hood controller
  2. Building Management System (BMS)
  3. Detergent Tank Low-level Sensor
  4. Fire Suppression Controller

Human Machine Interface Features

With the addition of optional HMI remote touch-screen, the user has full access and visibility to the onboard PLC status and controls. The HMI comes in its own enclosure and can be mounted in the kitchen or any convenient location. It connects to the PLC utilizing a standard CAT5/6 cable. The HMI (pictured below) can connect and control up to 8 units.

Human Machine Interface from Air Quality Engineering

In summary, the addition of these modern control systems is a game-changer for both the installer and the end user. Complicated field wiring schematics are a thing of the past. Setting the timer, or changing any of the parameters, is now simple and straightforward.