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New Additions To Our Air Filtration Unit Lines

MistBuster® and MX-Series

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products to filter machine-tool mist, smoke, dust and other airborne contaminants associated with machining operations. The MistBuster® product line provides source filtration, and the MX-Series provides centralized filtration. The photo on the left shows a MistBuster® 500, which provides variable airflow up to 500 CFM. On the right is an M466O unit, which provides airflow up to 8,000 CFM. Whether your need is small or large, Air Quality Engineering can provide a solution for you. Every air filtration unit is manufactured with pride at our factory located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and each unit is backed by over 46 years of air filtration expertise.

MistBuster 500 and MX-Series M466O air filtration units

MistBuster® 850 Compact

For 2019, we are excited to showcase two of our newer product offerings – the MistBuster® 850 Compact, and the Sloped Plenum. The MistBuster® 850 Compact offers the same filtering capability of the standard MistBuster® 850, yet in a shorter cabinet to accommodate lower ceiling heights. The Sloped Plenum has a low-profile design that incorporates mounting feet which eliminate the need for a separate machine-mount stand. The low profile reduces the overall height of the installation, and the sloped configuration allows for the coolant to drain more efficiently. The elimination of a separate machine-mount stand improves the ease of installation, and reduces the overall installation investment.

MistBuster 850 Compact MistBuster on sloped plenum


The AUTOCLEAN® Pollution Control Unit (PCU) for Commercial Kitchen exhaust has been put into some of the most demanding applications all around the world and continues to deliver excellent results. It offers the lowest cost of ownership and is truly a green product that eliminates expensive replacement filters that go to landfills.

We are thrilled about the improvements that have been made to the AUTOCLEAN®, including:

  1. The wash control board has been replaced with an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) with a touchscreen user interface for easy adjustment of the wash system. The integrated PLC reduces the amount of wiring required to install the AUTOCLEAN®.
  2. We offer an optional hardwired human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen that is capable of controlling the settings and operations of multiple AUTOCLEAN® units from a single remote location of the owner’s choice.
  3. The access panel screws have been replaced with quarter-turn fasteners that allow for easy removal of panels with a Phillips screwdriver. Panels easily snap back on, which saves time when servicing the AUTOCLEAN®.
  4. Lastly, the overall footprint of the AUTOCLEAN® has been reduced, making it even more compact and easier to install in locations where a bigger, skidded units won’t fit.

You can view a video of the AUTOCLEAN® wash cycle here. This video highlights how the electronic cells get washed automatically in place, and shows the unique mechanical movements that do a more thorough job of cleaning the cells than any other PCU on the market.

AUTOCLEAN Pollution Control Unit (PCU) for commercial kitchen exhaust AutoClean unit opened to see cells

AUTOCLEAN unit touchscreen