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Motorized Impeller Changes To MistBuster® Improves Performance Greatly

We are excited to announce that we have changed the motorized impellers in our MistBuster® line to a new design that significantly improves performance while also improving efficiency.

The new motorized impeller has a single piece PA plastic injected impeller compared to our original impeller that was assembled from several pieces of cut and formed pieces of metal. The benefit of the single piece impeller is the ability to have an innovative design that was perfected using simulation modeling without having to deal with the limitations of forming sheet metal. The unique geometry of the impeller improves the aerodynamic efficiency, reduces energy losses, and reduces noise. The single piece impeller design also improves compatibility of the impeller in a wider range of harsher applications.

A comparison of the performance curve of the old impeller versus the new impeller for the MistBuster® 500 and 850 in the graphs below shows a noticeable increase in static and CFM capabilities which means our airflow capabilities have improved. The increased capabilities of the impellers allow you to have longer lengths of duct and improved performance with our postfilter options such as the carbon, ESF, and HEPA.

MistBuster 500 motorized impeller graph

MistBuster 850 motorized impeller graph

*The MistBuster® 2000 uses two MistBuster® 850 impellers.

The improved efficiency and performance means the new impellers complies with the stringent European Union’s ErP directive to make more efficient products to reduce CO2 emissions. The new impellers carry both the CE mark and the ErP mark.