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MistBuster® Accessories

MistBuster ducted
The MistBuster® Series offers many solutions for the metalworking industry. Our industrial air cleaning systems capture harmful airborne machining application contaminants by using electrostatic precipitation and media filtration technologies. Machine shops, plants, and other facilities vary in size and available space for an air filtration system. That’s why we’ve designed several different mounting and ducting accessories for the MistBuster® product line. Read on to see the possibilities.


Each mounting solution we provide offers unique benefits. To determine which mounting accessory would best complement your MistBuster®, consider where you plan to install it. We can help determine which mounting strategy works best for your space:

  • Direct mounting – Unit is mounted on top of a machine tool, with no additional ducting or accessories required. We offer an optional two-inch riser to aide in mounting and save space.
  • Pedestal stand – Unit is mounted on an adjustable floor stand and ducted to a machine tool.MistBuster pedestal stand
  • Machine mount stand – Unit is mounted on a machine tool with the stand, which allows for ducting to other sections of the machine tool enclosure.MistBuster machine mount
  • Ceiling mount – Unit is hung from the ceiling.MistBuster ceiling mount MistBuster ceiling mount
  • Wall mount – Attached to the wall using brackets.MistBuster wall mount bracket


An air distribution box called a plenum is used to adapt MistBuster® units to ductwork. Each plenum has a drain at the bottom for connecting a hose through which metalworking fluids can run back into the sump or recollect into the machine tool itself.

All of our plenums are made of powder-coated heavy-gauge steel and work on the MB500, MB Media, MB 850 Compact, and MB850. The MB2000 and MB Infinity are only compatible with the standard plenum. Below is a table outlining the details of each plenum design:

Plenum DesignConnectionBenefitsImage (Click To Open Larger Version)
StandardOne six-inch collar is standard, but it can be changed to four or eight inches. Three connections can be made to the plenum.Versatile. The standard plenum can have three duct connections in four-, six-, or eight-inch diameters.standard MistBuster plenum
SlopedOne six- or eight-inch collar that cannot be removed.Cost-effective with built-in legs. When mounted, it sits lower than if the MB was installed on machine mount legs with the standard plenum.sloped MistBuster plenum
Sloped with legsOne six-inch collar that cannot be removed.Plenum has a lower profile than the sloped plenum with four small legs to clear conduit, enclosure seams, and other parts running across the top of the machine tool.sloped MistBuster plenum with legs
Low-profileOne six-inch collar that cannot be removed.Shortest plenum available. The low-profile plenum sits directly on the machine and hangs off the side.low profile plenum on MistBuster
ExhaustPlenum accommodates a four-inch, six-inch, or eight-inch collar to attach ducting.Easily installs on the top of the MistBuster® in place of the exhaust grille.MistBuster exhaust plenum

Other Accessories

In addition to plenums, we provide post filters to mount on the top of MistBuster® units that ensure advanced filtration and capture of all particulates. Customers may choose between a HEPA, ESF, or carbon module filter. We also provide flex hose, hose clamps, and drain tubes.

HEPA Post Filter

HEPA Post Filter

ESF Post Filter

ESF Post Filter

Carbon Post Filter

Carbon Post Filter

At Air Quality Engineering, we’re committed to finding you cost-effective solutions for your operations. We take pride in providing personable, responsive service for each of our customers. We’ll help you consider the options and find the best accessory to fit your application.

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