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Air Quality Concerns: Today, We Should Take Them More Seriously Than Ever

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Due to the events of the last few years, air quality has become an important topic to individuals and corporations. With air quality being such a concern of so many people, there are companies that have been quick to market themselves as “air quality experts” to try and take advantage of the situation. Some of these companies have the technology and experience to back up their products, services, and claims–and some do not. Since now more than ever air quality should be taken seriously, how can you differentiate a company that knows their stuff for such a crucial service as air purification?

The Importance of Air Quality Technologies

Air quality is one of the most crucial components of a worker’s environment. In many industrial environments, workers can be exposed to chemicals that will, over time, do lasting or permanent damage to their lungs and body. And in lower intensity office space environments there is still the risk of the air carrying germs as well as chemicals from such things as paint from the walls. That’s why all companies are taking the time now to invest in air quality technology.

Some common risks in workplace air quality include:

  • Risks related to internal work functions. Common industrial machinery can emit fumes, contain dangerous fluids and chemicals, or release airborne particles. These can be severely harmful both to employees working directly with the machinery or in the vicinity. Exposure to these toxins can cause illness including development of cancers or other lifelong harm.
  • Risks related to external particulate matter. Airborne particles such as dust, soot, and smoke can originate from outside of the direct workplace environment. This is particularly important for workplaces in larger cities, or in areas exposed to seasonal air quality concerns such as forest fires. Particulate matter can cause chronic bronchitis, decreased lung function, or a variety of more serious cardiac problems.
  • Risks related to biological viruses. With the global pandemic environment and increased CDC regulation, corporations are opting to install or update their air filtration systems. This increases the health and wellness of employees. It can also go great lengths to alleviate concerns as companies begin to reintroduce WFH employees into the office.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Air Filtration Technology

With the aforementioned risks, it is fitting that corporations are concerned about the air quality of their workers. But what happens when the company you have entrusted your air quality with does not deliver? Recently, lawsuits have targeted corporations touting harmful technologies under the guise of purifying the air. This can, understandably, pose a concern to companies looking to invest in increased air quality technology. So how can you be assured that the technology you’re implementing is trustworthy? How can you be assured that moving forward with us at Air Quality Engineering is the right step for your business? Take a look below.

  1. We manufacture proven technologies. Since 1973, Air Quality Engineering has sold air purification technology that is approved and validated. Take a look at our customers as well as the resources on our website that back up our tech. Feel free to pose any questions you may have to our well-equipped and knowledgeable sales team.
  2. We live and breathe air quality. Improving air quality and building technology to provide air quality for our customers is our only business for 48 years. We’re so committed to air quality, we’ll tell you if we have a solution that fits your needs–and be honest if we don’t. Interested? Take a look at our variety of applications here.
  3. We follow a trusted and proven three-step process to create a custom solution for you. Only in gauging your specific needs and space can we recommend the optimal solution for your needs. When you work with us, know that you’ll be getting a recommendation for your business alone.

To learn more about air filtration solutions, check out our Air Filtration White Paper or reach out to us here or at 1 (888) 883-3273.