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Discover the Benefits of Using Portable HEPA Air Cleaners in School Nurses' Offices

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Keeping our kids safe is a top priority, especially in higher-risk areas like school nurses’ offices. Although your nurse’s office space may be cleaned and disinfected frequently, it’s important to take precautions that will minimize the potential transmission of airborne viruses. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of portable air cleaners with HEPA filters, which are some of the products we offer at Air Quality Engineering.

What Are HEPA Air Cleaners and How Do They Work?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and HEPA filters are a special mechanical filter made of hundreds of thousands of intertwined fiberglass or plastic fibers. These fibers create a web that can trap at least 99.97% of fine airborne particles with a size of .3 microns, which is recognized as the most penetrating particle size. Air cleaners that use HEPA filters can reduce the transmission of airborne particles such as dust, mold, allergens, viruses and bacteria, and more.

This is why the CDC recommends using portable HEPA air cleaners to supplement existing HVAC systems and enhance air cleaning in environments such as a nurse’s office or a sick/isolation room. If you’re ready to take action and improve indoor air quality, then check out our PM400 MiracleAir® HEPA Air Cleaner and XJ-2 HEPA Air Cleaner.

The PM400: An Affordable & High-Performance HEPA Air Cleaner

For clean, fresh-smelling, and breathable air, the PM400 gets the job done. This high-performance air cleaner has the same powerful odor-control components found in industrial and commercial air filtration units, which allows it to clean and sanitize the air by trapping pollutants, allergens, dust, and other particles.

In addition, the PM400 is quiet, affordable, and low maintenance with a large true HEPA filter that doesn’t require frequent replacement. The unit is only 15.6″ W x 15.6″ D x 22.5″ H in size and both completely portable and easy to move, making it ideal for a smaller room like a nurse’s office. Enjoy the smell of clean air while removing potentially harmful microscopic particles from the room.

The XJ-2: A Medical-Grade HEPA Filtration Unit for High-Risk Areas

Would you be interested in an air cleaner that provides even greater airflow capabilities than the PM400, is easy to install, and has been tested to be 99.999% efficient on 0.3 to 0.4 micron particles? If so, then consider purchasing the XJ-2, one of our medical-grade units that can convert an ordinary patient care room into a negative pressure isolation room or airborne infection isolation room.

Although the XJ-2 is larger than the PM400 at 55″ H x 26.5″ W x 15″ D, it’s designed to reduce sound levels to a minimum thanks to a backward curved, dynamically balanced impeller and a sound dampening blower baffle. Most importantly, the unit’s certified HEPA filter is extremely effective in removing microorganism-sized particulates from the air.

Both the PM400 and the XJ-2 are shipped fully assembled and ready for roll-in installation.

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