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Cost Effective Mist Collectors

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Are all mist collection systems created equal? Some boost better filtration rates, but neglect to mention the noise pollution they cause. Others may have hidden maintenance fees, which add financial and time costs.

Here at Air Quality Engineering, we believe in offering the best of the best for your business and your budget. That would be the MistBuster® collection of mist collectors. As you explore the MistBuster® line, you will find that they are:

  • More energy efficient
  • More effective at removing particulates (smoke, oil and more)
  • Quieter than your typical centrifugal systems
  • Financially cost-effective!

Don’t just take our word for it. Explore the benefits of these mist collection machines and find the right unit for your environment.

MistBuster® Units Save More Energy- and $$

MistBuster® Units are proud to be highly energy efficient. Our MistBuster® ESP, or electrostatic precipitator, systems use less energy than typical centrifugal mist collection systems. With our MistBuster® systems, you save on energy- and your budget! Typically, an air cleaner like MistBuster® runs 7,000 hours annually. With MistBuster®, you’re saving noticeable amounts of money per unit on annual energy costs.

Effective & Efficient- Remove More Particulates

Centrifugal systems, while useful, may not remove smoke from your workplace. To filter this potentially hazardous substance, you need add additional, expensive filtration systems onto the centrifugal air cleaner. Luckily, the MistBuster® does both. With our MistBuster® machines, you can remove smoke from your workplace and save up to $1,200 per year on expensive additional filters.

Prevent Noise Pollution & Maintenance Costs

While our MistBuster® units are proven to save you money, they can also protect you from other potential costs. Centrifugal systems are incredibly loud- and if they go out of balance, even louder! Noise pollution in factories and other workplaces can have negative effects, including:

  • Lower employee retention rates
  • Lower part quality
  • Lower work satisfaction

The MistBuster® is a quieter model, here to do its job of protecting your employees. It serves as a quieter alternative to potentially damaging noise pollution.

MistBuster® units also save more time on maintenance. Other filters and systems degrade over time, with filters becoming permanently marked with particulates. This can lead to holes, tears, and a decrease in quality. Typically, the only way to prevent this is to continually spend time doing maintenance and purchasing new filters. MistBuster® and other ESP filters, however, can be easily cleaned, increasing their efficiency and life.

The MistBuster® air cleaner models are highly efficient at collecting and removing dangerous airborne contaminants in industrial workplaces. Our systems can provide up to 99.97% collection efficiency, easily switching between water soluble and oil-based particulates. With this increased efficiency, less energy usage, more services, and other cost-effective measures, there is a MistBuster® for everyone.

View our product catalog to find the perfect MistBuster® for you. After all, there are many mist collectors, but there is only one MistBuster®.