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How To Choose Your Industrial Air Cleaner Unit

low profile plenum on MistBuster
Industrial air cleaner systems have been shown to be imperative in protecting employees by reducing exposure to hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles produced by the industrial machining application and reducing maintenance and operation costs. Choosing the correct system is vital to protecting your machining business and your employees.

But how do you even start? What are the important things to consider before investing in a system? Is one model better for certain industries than another? Air Quality Engineering is here to offer advice. Here are some of the best things to consider when choosing your industrial air cleaner system.

Consider Space Size

The size of the space that you plan to install your air cleaner in will impact the model you purchase. Different models are better able to effectively clean air in different size spaces. And some large spaces would be better off with multiple units. Air exchange rates are also necessary to consider here.

How Will You Use Your Air Cleaner? What Applications Are You Focusing On?

The environment in which you will be utilizing your air cleaner system is key. Your machining applications may have problems with mist, smoke or possibly metal or other distinct particles. For any of these environments, you want an air cleaning system that is reliable and cost effective for your business, while maintaining the safety of your employees and the work environment.

How contaminants are captured vary by specific application. Possibilities are electrostatic filtration (MistBuster® source collection) or media filtration (MistBuster® source collection and MX-Series centralized filtration). Your choices for an air cleaning system will include source collection (MistBuster®), centralized filtration (MX-Series), or a tailored solution using both source collection and centralized filtration.

If you aren’t sure the best model for your business application, Air Quality Engineering is happy to help.

Maintenance & Service Options

Once you have the machine, you want to make sure it is properly maintained. This could mean purchasing replacement filters, cleaning the filters and/or having a technician service the machine regularly.

Whatever model you end up with, you want to know the company producing them is reliable, experienced, and cost-effective. Air Quality Engineering has over 30 years of experience in producing the best quality air cleaner systems for efficiency, capacity and cost effectiveness. Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect machine for you and your business.