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Benefits Of Mist Collectors For CNC Machines

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By utilizing a mist collector on a CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) machine you help solve problems you might not even be able to see. These industrial air cleaners work to filter potentially dangerous particles out of the air that your equipment may emit. With these key benefits, quality air cleaners are must-haves for any organization utilizing a CNC machine.

What Do Mist Collectors Collectors Even Do?

Air cleaners are growing in popularity and vital nature in industrial environments. But what exactly do they even do?

Quality collectors will reduce airborne concentrations and will give you control over the airflow and subsequent negative pressure over the machine tool enclosure. This makes them ideal for the collection of coolant mist, fume and smoke generated by today’s CNC grinders and machining centers. Essentially, these industrial air cleaners give you the control to reduce particulate matter in the mist and smoke generated by CNC machines.

When you have a CNC machine, you could be exposing your employees and the work environment to potentially dangerous airborne particles. Installing a mist collector will help lower your stress while giving you more control over exposure to particles in your work environment.

Benefits: Why You Should Pair A Mist Collector With Your CNC Machine

While there are numerous benefits of using a collector while running your CNC machines, these are some of the key benefits to you and your organization.

  1. Protect employee health
    Units like our MistBuster® units can help protect the health of employees during and after CNC machines are in use. They do so by reducing the amount of contaminants that are allowed to escape into the air. Health issues that can be mitigated with a mist collector include:

    • Dermal/skin exposure: When oil mist or particles touches the skin, it can form dermatitis or dermatitis-like symptoms (itchy skin, rashes, bumps, blisters, etc.).
    • Lung issues: Inhaling too many particles causes respiratory problems including shortness of breath, fever, rapid heartbeat, headaches, fatigue, and a burning sensation.
    • Chronic conditions: Mist collectors can help prevent employees from developing asthma problems, irritated airways, chronic bronchitis, and lung diseases.
  2. Limited maintenance and longer machine life
    If you are using a CNC machine without an air cleaner, you are increasing the likelihood that the machine (and other equipment in the vicinity) will experience recurring maintenance problems. Mist collectors protect electronic components of your machines from being covered in contaminants. This lowers the chances of the components becoming damaged from the particles; prevents bacteria from building up and deteriorating seals on equipment; decreases machine downtime; and increases productivity on the machines.
  3. Cost and time efficient
    Because mist collectors remove particles from the air, they work to prevent clogging vital equipment. Air cleaners improve the use of the machines, reduce the need for maintenance, and can help keep you on production schedule. In the end, you’ll save money and time.
  4. Meeting legal regulations
    OSHA has a legal restriction on how much exposure employees can be met with from particles in the air each workday. The limit is 5 mg/m3 over one 8 hour workday. Mist collectors help keep your workspace within this limit, allowing you to legally and safely function as a business.

How to Get Your Own Mist Collector

Air Quality Engineering is proud to offer a variety of quality, efficient mist collectors to choose from. These are a must-have if your business uses CNC machines, especially to meet legal regulations from OSHA and protect your employees’ health. Our top air cleaners are MistBuster® units, with various options available for you to choose.

Mist collectors are only growing more vital for companies that use CNC machines. With multiple key benefits, including protecting employee health and your work environment, it is easy to see why. Air Quality Engineering is proud to offer MistBuster® air cleaners to help you reap these benefits.