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Why Choose An Air Cleaner or Air Filtration System from AQE?

If you’ve been searching for an air cleaner or air filtration system that will solve your indoor air quality problems, then you have likely been flooded with information from a variety of sources. One question you are sure to be asking, “Why should I buy an air cleaner from you?”

Quality Air Cleaning Solutions: Air Quality Engineering, Inc. with over 40 years of air cleaning expertise can answer that question with some of the most innovative and unique air cleaners currently available on the market today. In addition to the products featured below, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. offers something else unique in the air cleaner industry. All equipment is designed with the user in mind. As a result, all of our air cleaners include all necessary control circuitry eliminating the need for any additional control circuitry to be purchased like motor starters, thermal protection, electrical disconnects etc. Units come with a molded plug where applicable or pigtailed for 3 phase. Dual voltage motors are pre-wired to your specifications. This translates to additional cost savings to you and easier air cleaner installations.

Professional Engineering and Sales Staff: Customers have told us that at the top of their list of reasons they work with Air Quality Engineering, Ins. is our people. AQE is staffed with professional, experienced and customer-focused engineers and sales representatives to assist with pre-sales and post-sales support. We work with our customers to develop the best solution for their application.

So before making your purchasing decision with any air cleaner manufacturer, be sure to find out what is included and what will be required before operating your new equipment. Motor starters, thermal protection and wiring can easily cost in excess of an additional $1000. And certainly, experience our team of professional air filtration experts.

Air Quality Engineering’s Unique Cleaner and Air Filtration Products

The MistBuster® Series of air cleaners and filtration systems from Air Quality Engineering, Inc. represent the latest technology designed specifically for the filtration of coolants and smoke from today’s modern machine tools. Utilizing both mechanical impingement and electrostatic precipitation filtration, the MistBuster® Series is state of the art in mist and smoke collection, without any disposable filters to purchase.

For example the MistBuster® 500 is an extremely compact, high efficiency machining mist eliminator designed for being mounted or ducted directly to machine tools. Optional installation accessories include a pedestal stand, machine mount stand, wall mount and ceiling mount kits to maximize versatility of this air cleaner. Compact and lightweight, only 71 pounds, this unit delivers 500 cfm of high efficiency filtration. Utilizing 4 inches of mechanical impingement with an electrostatic post filter the MistBuster® 500 is state of the art in liquid separation, without any disposable filters to purchase. For the ultimate in high efficiency air cleaner performance, an optional HEPA filter with over 300 square feet of media area is also available.

The MistBuster® Series has significant advantages over competitive air filtration products, including:

  • High Efficiency on mist & smoke generated from water soluble, synthetic and petroleum based metalworking fluids. (Centrifugal units do not remove any smoke!)
  • Economical operation: No throwaway air filters that reduce airflow as they clog up. Low energy consumption due to superior multistage air cleaning technology that has low resistance to airflow.
  • Variable speed controller allows for precise control of the airflow. Why draw more mist laden air than is needed out of the machine tool enclosure? The MistBuster® is the only machine mount unit currently available in the market place that allows you to control the negative pressure within the machine tool enclosure. This feature saves energy, reduces maintenance and lowers sound levels.
  • The air mover within the MistBuster® is a high quality built motorized impeller. This impeller is more compact and energy efficient than conventional direct drive motors & blowers that are used in other air filtration systems.

The MistBuster® Series is easily installed directly to machine tool enclosure or ducted using optional plenum and flex hose. MistBuster® Series comes complete with a 10′ power cord with standard molded plug.

“Millions of workers engaged in the manufacture of automobiles, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery, and other hardware are exposed to machining fluids. Occupational exposure to these fluids has resulted in various cancers, respiratory diseases, and skin problems.  In order to improve worker protection, OSHA is designating metalworking/machining fluid exposure as a priority for comprehensive rule-making.” – US Department of Labor

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