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Filtration Systems to Clean Air in Industrial and Commercial Environments

Whether it’s mist collection for industrial machining applications, capturing commercial kitchen exhaust or the need for enhanced filtration in healthcare facilities, schools or businesses, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has an air filtration system for your environment.

Why Choose Air Quality Engineering, Inc.?

One of the biggest advantages to working with us in the approach we take to solving your environment’s air quality problem. We take the time to understand the process that takes place at your workplace. Then we identify the technology that can properly address the contaminant in that process before recommending the air filtration solution that is most appropriate. It is this approach that has allowed as to maintain our standing as a leader in the industry.

From industrial air filtration systems to commercial air cleaners to enhanced filtration for schools, we have solutions that can improve the air quality wherever your employees, customers and students spend their time. This includes:

Industrial air cleaners for:

Hospitality industry air cleaners such as:

And other popular solutions, including enhanced air filtration systems:

If you have any need for a unit or system to clean air in your industrial, commercial, business or school setting, we have a product to do the job. Invest in an air purification system from Air Quality Engineering — It’s a Smart Idea.

When comparing air filtration systems, remember that Air Quality Engineering gives you the best dollar value in the business. Our systems provide the optimal balance of overall quality and intelligent design. Each product we sell is simply good, solid equipment that performs year after year. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. products maximize efficiency, airflow and filter area to provide the cleanest working environment, longest service intervals and lowest maintenance costs per dollar spent. We strive to MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

It’s our people, process and products that make the difference. Come see why so many of our customers return to us when they need a new air filtration system.

It’s Time to Find the Air Cleaner That’s Right for Your Environment

To be able to provide so many different commercial and industrial customers solutions to their air filtration needs, we have a vast product line of air cleaners. This consists of:

  • MistBuster® Units
  • Media Mist Collectors
  • Electronic Air Cleaners (Electrostatic Precipitators)
  • Air Cleaners for Metal Cutting
  • Welding Fume Extraction Systems
  • Soldering Fume Extraction Systems
  • Units for Grinding and Polishing
  • General Air Cleaners for Nuisance & Process Dust
  • Air Cleaners for Extruding and Molding
  • EDM Mist Collectors
  • Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners for the Hospitality Industry
  • HEPA Air Cleaner
  • Cold Heading Air Cleaners
  • Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems
  • HEPA and Electrostatic Home Air Purifiers
  • Air Purifiers for Healthcare Fields

Our solutions vary in design, from cartridge dust collectors to disposable media filtered air cleaning systems, along with portable, overhead and ducted (in-duct) systems. Contact us to learn more.

How Air Quality Engineering Became a Leader in the Air Cleaner Industry

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. was organized as Smokemaster® in 1969, emphasizing the design, development and sale of air cleaners, specifically for removal of tobacco smoke in commercial applications.

In 1974 we began our relationship with Honeywell, a major manufacturer, when we agreed to produce commercial electronic air cleaners for them – an agreement that would last 10 years. Shortly thereafter, we also began designing and producing Honeywell’s industrial electrostatic precipitators. This line later grew to include disposable mechanical filter systems.

Honeywell’s subsequent decision to manufacture their own brand of commercial air cleaners provided Air Quality Engineering, Inc. with the opportunity to develop our own worldwide market. Simultaneously, we purchased Honeywell’s industrial air cleaner business and became a major supplier of industrial air filtration systems, mist collectors and cigarette smoke removal systems. At this time it was clear that a new and more comprehensive name would better reflect our broader range of systems, and we became Air Quality Engineering, Inc. in 1983.

Taking Air Filtration to a Higher Level

Our experience and commitment to air filtration has brought us to where we are today – manufacturing complete systems and products that provide the best performance, efficiency and capacity for the money. Our indoor air quality experience has led to the unique Coanda airflow pattern which increases the performance of the air filtration products as well as improves heat distribution within your environment. Our patented variable voltage technology increases air filtration efficiency and our variable speed controls fit the demands of the moment.

Our broad line of air cleaners include the following brand names:

  • Smokemaster® line of electrostatic precipitators for tobacco smoke (electronic cleaner)
  • MiracleAir® line of HEPA type commercial air cleaners
  • EverClear line of flush mount HEPA type filtration products for tobacco smoke removal
  • FumeFighter® line of fume extraction systems for soldering fumes
  • MistBuster® line of oil and mist collectors and eliminators for the filtration of coolant mist and oil smoke
  • Porta Air line of fume extraction systems for welding fume and grinding dust
  • AUTOCLEAN® line of restaurant kitchen emission exhaust filtration

All air cleaners are made here in our Minnesota headquarters (Made in the USA).

Our mission is to serve our customers by designing, manufacturing and marketing the most cost-effective, high-quality air cleaners and filtration systems in the indoor air quality industry. We continue to operate on the basis of providing practical, productive air filtration systems and honest answers, in the belief that delivering on our promises is our most effective sales tool. Call (888) 883-3273.

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