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Portable Air Filtration Systems

Portable air filtration systems are ideal for applications which vary greatly from one part to another making it impractical to adjust the location of fixed capture arms. We offer three types of quality portable air filtration systems:

New OSHA standard for Hexavalent Chromium

Electrostatic Precipitators:

Electrostatic precipitators utilize permanent electronic collector cells to ionize and collect the welding fumes and grinding dust. This style of air filtration system eliminates the need for future filter replacements but does require periodic maintenance to maintain their efficiency. These systems require smaller motors and are thus highly energy efficient, making them the best value over the long term. Air Quality Engineering, Inc offers 2 portable models of electrostatic air cleaners for industrial environments, the F33V is a compact portable unit, ideal for preserving valuable floor space while the F66V is a larger, portable electrostatic air cleaner more suitable for multiple users.


Disposable Media:

Disposable media type air filtration systems utilize multi-staged filters to maximize filter life and achieve high efficiency. These systems require little maintenance and have a lower capital cost. Air Quality Engineering offers the compact M32V featuring the polypropylene, washable media filter. The M66V is a larger, more flexible unit configurable up to a 5 HP motor with multistage filtration capabilities for longer filter life, and is also suitable for multiple stations. The M68V is the ultimate air cleaner in high efficiency for those OSHA regulated heavy metals (ie. cadmium, beryllium, zinc, lead, cobalt, manganese and hexavalent chromium). We can also combine modules from these units to best fit your exact requirements.




Reverse Jet Dust Collector 

AQE 2000


Reverse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors:

The reverse jet cartridge dust collectors are ideal for heavy welding applications to maximize production and minimize maintenance. The PortaAir Portable dust collector cartridge system has a 1,000 cfm capacity and combines 382 square feet of filter media and a 1.5 hp direct drive, backward inclined wheel to deliver the most vacuum possible to maximize filter life. The AQE2000 takes portable, reverse jet technology to the next level featuring an onboard accumulator tank for reverse jet cleaning while on the move. See this technology in action in this short video.


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