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Our Industrial Air Cleaner In Action

Many companies throughout different industries are realizing the impact a quality mist collector, like those in the MistBuster line, can have on the air in the work environment. Take a look at the different industrial air cleaner models installed in machine shops below. Then review some of the benefits a MistBuster air cleaner brings to a business.

Our air cleaner on a Citizen M32

industrial air cleaner

Kia Turn21 with a Machine Mounted Mist Collector

Citizen M32 (Machine Mounted)

Citizen M20 (Machine Mounted)

Kia Turn21 (Machine Mounted)
Daewoo Puma 10HC with air purifier installed Daewoo Puma 250 with air cleaner attached Daewoo Puma 250MS with air cleaner installed
Daewoo Puma 10HC (Machine Mounted) Daewoo Puma 250 (Machine Mounted) Daewoo Puma 25MS (Ceiling Mounted)
Imoberdorf with AQE air cleaner installed industrial air cleaner in action mist collector assembled
Imoberdorf (Pedestal Stand Mount) Aquamaster 1200E (Pedestal Stand Mount) Methods Slant50 (Machine Mount Stand)
Mikron 700 gets an air cleaner Mikron VCP600 with attached air cleaner air cleaner attached to a M-VSC700
Mikron HSM700 (Machine Mount Stand) Mikron VCP600 (Machine Mounted) Mitsubishi M-VSC (Machine Mounted)
Mori machine with air cleaner attached Okuma and Howa with industrial air cleaner Tschudin with industrial air cleaner
Moriseiki (Machine Mounted) Okuma & Howa (Machine Mount Stand) Tschudin (Ceiling Mounted)

High Efficiency on mist & smoke generated from water soluble, synthetic and petroleum based metalworking fluids. (Centrifugal units do not remove any smoke!)
Economical operation: No throwaway filters that reduce airflow as they clog up. Low energy consumption due to superior multi stage air cleaning technology that has low resistance to airflow.
Variable speed controller allows for precise control of the airflow. Why draw more mist laden air than is needed out of the machine tool enclosure? The MistBuster mist collector is the only machine mount unit currently available in the market place that allows you to control the negative pressure within the machine tool enclosure. This feature saves energy, reduces maintenance and lowers sound levels.
Premium Blower: MistBuster features a very high quality German built motorized impeller. This impeller is more compact and energy efficient than conventional direct drive motors & blowers that are used in other air cleaners and is dynamically balanced for smooth operation. This means no vibration is translated to your machine tool.
Can ship UPS, which significantly reduces shipping charges.


It is important to note that Air Quality Engineering, Inc. offers a variety of technologies and air cleaners for coolant mist and smoke removal, but we strongly recommend the MistBuster 500 because we believe it is the best solution for these needs, not because it is the only solution we offer.

Information about the Mistbuster line of mist collector products and oil mist eliminators is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Simply click and the document will load in a new browser window for easy viewing, printing or saving to hard disk. You may also save the file to your hard drive by right clicking on the PDF file and selecting "save target as." If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, click here to get it.

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