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Electrostatic Air Cleaners & Fume Extraction Systems

Electrostatic Collection Systems like the F62B electronic air cleaner, F66 and F73 are ideal for petroleum based cutting oils and smoke. Electronic collector cells are designed for permanent use. In petroleum cutting oil applications, due to the lack of evaporation, the collected and condensed cutting oil keeps the collectors clean of the dust and smoke buildup which requires cleaning. The resulting effect is anelectronic collector which requires very little air cleaner maintenance and no ongoing filter costs.

Electrostatic precipitators have also been used for years for control of water soluble mists and smoke filtration from CNC and manual machines. Heavy duty construction of the electronic precipitation cells insures long life without ongoing filter purchases while extremely low pressure drop keeps the energy usage to a minimum. All of this ensures the electrostatic units to be a low cost option in the long run.

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