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Nail Dust Collector for Clean Air in the Salon

Salon-Air™ nail dust collector

Finally, a compact, affordable and effective air cleaner & nail dust collector designed specifically for the nail dust and fumes generated from manicures and acrylic nails. Most manicure dust collectors and vacuums boasting to be for nail salons are large, expensive units that are designed to clean an entire area. They are not small enough to be used in the limited space of the nail technician, so they attempt to clean the background air of the entire salon. As any technician that has used such an air cleaner, it just can not help to clear the nail dust at the point it’s generated, in your face! You need a nail dust collector that can pull the dust down away from your breathing zone, long before it has a chance to be airborne where a room air cleaner would work.


  • Salon-Air


    Small downdraft unit intended for capture and filtration of dust from manicure applications.

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The Salon-Air™ is small and compact (measuring only 15.0″ x 9.5″ x 4.8″ [LxWxH]) – it can be placed directly on the technician’s table to pull the nail dust down before it has a chance to get airborne. The Salon-Air™ features a unique, powerful, infinitely adjustable fan to pull dust and particles down as soon as they are generated, keeping it away from your face and breathing area. The high efficiency filter traps the nail dust, preventing it from becoming airborne. Best yet, it is 100% plastic fiber, so it can be washed and reused.* Activated carbon filters help reduce acrylic fumes at the point of emission as well.

Salon-Air™ Salon-Air™ in operation

* Individual results will vary with washing – filter must eventually be replaced. Click here for list of replacement Salon-Air parts.

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