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Ambient Air Filtration Systems

Ambient air filtration systems and jet dust collectors are ideal for welding applications – particularly those that vary greatly from one part to another, making it impractical to adjust the location of source capture arms and when a system is required that will be the least obtrusive to the welder. These air filtration systems reduce the overall concentration of the welding fumes for the welder and surrounding co-workers.

New OSHA standard for Hexavalent Chromium

Ambient air filtration systems (HEPA filter systems, conventional media purification systems, electronic air cleaners and reverse jet dust collectors) are ideal for welding applications. This is particularly true when source capture (which is the preferred solution) simply won’t work. Ambient capture is considered to be the easiest to implement and the least obtrusive to the welder. These air filtration systems reduce the overall concentration of the welding fumes for the welder and surrounding co-workers with welding fume extraction.

Electrostatic precipitators utilize permanent electronic collector cells to ionize and collect the welding fumes and grinding dust. This style of electronic air cleaner eliminates the need for future filter replacements, but do require periodic maintenance to maintain their efficiency. These filtration systems require smaller motors and are thus highly energy efficient, making them the best value over the long term. Air Quality Engineering, Inc offers 3 ambient electrostatic air cleaners, the F62B pictured right featuring the Coanda airflow pattern handles 2500 cfm, the F66 pass through style electrostatic unit also handles 2500 cfm and the F73 fume extraction system for those high demand applications with up to 6,000 cfm capacity.

Disposable media type air filtration systems utilize multi-staged filters to maximize filter life and achieve high efficiency. This type of air cleaner requires little maintenance and has a lower capital cost. Air Quality Engineering offers the versatile M66 system with up to 3,000 cfm, configurable with a multitude of accessories and filtration modules. The M67 system, optimized for ambient capture only, is the best value in this class with up to 1900 cfm. The largest ambient air cleaner with disposable filters is our M73 with a capacity of up to 5,000 cfm.

The reverse jet dust collector systems are ideal for heavy welding applications to maximize production and minimize maintenance. These dust collectors utilize compressed air to blow the contaminant off the media. The AQE4000 overhead cartridge system has a 3,000 cfm capacity and unlike many competitor’s units includes all necessary control circuitry (i.e., disconnects, thermal overload protection, pneumatic pulse controller). This weld fume extractor is pictured at left with the optional floor mount stand, hopper accessory and drum mounting kit.

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